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Our Services

Asset Protection Planning

Helping you safeguard what you have worked hard and protect the future of you and your family

Business Growth Counsel

Entity formation and maintenance, IP management, Insurance, Hiring and firing, Tax Strategies

Business Succession Planning

Planning to carry on your vision and to leave benefit of your work to your family

International Estate Planning

Helping you to navigate through complexity of managing international assets

Planning for Non-US Citizens

Helping non-US citizens to avoid probate and estate tax on their US based assets

Startup Counsel

Legal counsel for startup companies to make sure your business gets off on the right foot

My own diverse international business, investment, and travel background puts me in a unique position to guide others on how to maintain their estates – including all forms of tangible and intangible assets. I see myself as a long-term partner for creating the right kind of future, and taking care of the bigger picture stuff in life so you can get back to enjoying the moment-by-moment details of your time.

Jiah Kim

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Protect your Children During COVID19 by Designating Standby Guardianship (for NY parents)

  随着冠状病毒在世界范围内传播,有一种情况变的不再遥不可及,那就是父母双方都可能生病并需要从孩子那里隔离直到完全康复。 这种情况下,指定一个可以在紧急情况下照顾孩子的人变的很重要。   如果父母双方都患上COVID-19等疾病,或者单亲父母患了重病,大多数父母都没有做好照顾孩子的安排。即使这是相对不太可能发生的情况,后果也可能对儿童造成极大的创伤:如果父母本人无法长期照顾他们,他们可能被陌生人带到儿童保护局,也可能要由法院决定最终可以照顾这名儿童的人。  ...

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GDPR-10 Fundamentals you MUST know before the deadline

This Friday on May 25th, a new EU privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. You might already know about it because your inbox has been flooded with Privacy Policy updates from big companies trying to comply with the law. GDPR is...

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