Asset Protection Planning

There can be nothing in life more frustrating than having your hard earned money, assets, status, happiness, and security – all the things you have worked so hard for – taken from you.

In today’s world, where there are more and more ways of becoming successful and making money, there are just as many ways of it being taken away from you. The startling part is that though a large proportion of people are at risk of it happening, very few even know that risk exists.

I understand what it’s like to build up a successful life from nothing. I also know what it feels like to have that security and success in danger of being taken from me, through external factors. My goal is to do absolutely everything I can to take the steps on your behalf to safeguard your present assets, and therefore protect your future.

If you think you are not at risk, I urge you to think again. The vast majority of the 20 million US citizens involved in lawsuits last year did not think they were at risk. If you or your business are currently doing, or planning on carrying out any of the things on this list, then believe me, you are at a very real risk:

  • Marriage
  • Employing staff
  • Running a business
  • Taking out a loan, lease or personal guaranty
  • Rent property
  • Work in the legal, medical, construction business or perform professional services

That list is far from exhaustive. I imagine many of you are looking at the list and thinking “that’s my life”. You owe it to yourself to take out adequate protection so that you can carry out these “risky” pursuits without putting your livelihood, or the future livelihood of your loved ones at risk.

I will work with you and together we can decide on the appropriate protection for your specific circumstances. These may include insurance, asset segregation, LLC’s, asset protection trusts, prenuptial agreements, and more.

You wouldn’t drive a car without wearing a safety belt, or ride a motorcycle without a crash helmet. Why go through life without the equivalent legal protection?

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