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Our Services

Kids Protection Plan®

Comprehensive emergency planning for your children if something happens to you

Asset Protection Planning

Helping you safeguard what you have worked hard and protect the future of you and your family

Business Growth Counsel

Entity formation and maintenance, IP management, Insurance, Hiring and firing, Tax Strategies

Business Succession Planning

Planning to carry on your vision and to leave benefit of your work to your family

International Estate Planning

Helping you to navigate through complexity of managing international assets

Planning for Non-US Citizens

Helping non-US citizens to avoid probate and estate tax on their US based assets

My own diverse international business, investment, and travel background puts me in a unique position to guide others on how to maintain their estates – including all forms of tangible and intangible assets. I see myself as a long-term partner for creating the right kind of future, and taking care of the bigger picture stuff in life so you can get back to enjoying the moment-by-moment details of your time.

Jiah Kim

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I am currently in Algarve, Portugal.


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